Music Ministry

Anthony LaMort
Music Director

Lisa Lockhart

Musical Ministry Music is a universal language. It touches all walks of life, rich or poor, young or old, sinners and saints. Music is played in Corpus Christi Catholic Church with all our love for the Lord. Played and sung with all the inspiration the composer felt in their love for each piece. The simplest hymn or a more complex historical spiritual composition from centuries ago is expressed within the Church. During each Mass celebration the whole congregation feels a greater love for or from the Lord depending on their individual circumstances. The opening hymn, selected and sung by the Priest with the parishioners in chorus, prepares the faithful with a prelude to the readings and homily.
During the offertory a musical composition fills the church. The Host is prepared for the Blessing bringing our spiritual insights closer to the Lord. While Communion is being received another deeply spiritual piece is played. Just as throughout history in many Cathedrals they are still loved by present followers of the faith. The Mass is closed with another hymn, again sung in chorus with the Celebrant, giving us reflection on our spiritual growth during the Mass. Music is a wonderful reminder of how we came to love our Lord with every celebration of the Mass.
God Bless.
Choir practice each Wednesday at 6:30PM in the sanctuary. Voices are needed, all ages are welcome!
Using your musical gifts is a wonderful way to contribute to building up your Church, to give back to God what He has given abundantly to you.  
Our music volunteers do a wonderful service both to God and to our congregation in helping make our Masses beautiful.
Do you have an interest in becoming involved in the Music Ministry? Adding to the Choir...  Call Anthony or see him after Mass.

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